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Safety and Certification

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Safety Is Our Top Mandate

AC & Bros Construction Group work with the highest standards of safety on all of our job sites.  All employees are trained and certified with the latest knowledge and safety considerations.  We work closely with the organization ” We The Safe” who are an official regulatory body for safety training across several construction trades.

We The Safe are professional instructors who’s courses explain the hazards of the job site before any one steps into the workplace. Creating a workplace that is always learning to eliminate and control hazards is a primary goal of the orientation classes. All employees of Ac and Bros Construction Group are mandated with this training. 

NSCO Approved

We the Safe are NSCO Approved Safety Provider for The Core of Fall Protection and The Core of Defined Space course.

Safety and Compliance Overview

The following links are PDF downloads to critical information provided by Work Safe BC pertaining to best practice when it come to safety on the job site. All employees are mandated to study these guidelines for the purpose of orientation. 

WorkSafeBC – Concrete Forming
WorkSafeBC – Regulations and Guidelines for Construction
WorkSafeBC – Concrete Pouring and Pumping
WorkSafeBC – Hand Signals For Hoist Crane Operations
WorkSafeBC – Hand Signals for Tower Crane Operations
WorkSafeBC – Personal Protective Equipment
WorkSafeBC – Hearing Protection
WorkSafeBC – Safe Ladder Use
WorkSafeBC – Inspecting a Full Body Harness
WorkSafeBC – When To Use a Full Body Harness