Labour (Formwork Stripping)

You are an experienced Labourer who takes pride in safe work practices. You have previous experience working within a commercial construction environment and aren’t afraid of an honest days work.


Project and Safety Coordinator

You are an accredited safety professional with experience in the commercial construction industry, including high-rise tower, commercial and institutional projects. You will be responsible to assist project teams in the day-to-day operations by influencing, developing and implementing project safety plans to help achieve the corporate goal of zero incidents.


Concrete Formwork Carpenter

You will be responsible for assembling manufactured forms, made from steel, wood or heavy plastic, building the molds that retain wet concrete in the construction of foundations and other concrete structures. In the case of high-rises and tall structures, form-workers must build new forms on top of previously poured concrete – slip-forming: repetitive process of forming, pouring, forming and pouring.